Saturday, 19 November 2016

An Introduction to FE Maths Guidebook

Welcome to my new blog, here I am going to talk about all things Maths, current issues regarding the education system regarding compulsory English and Maths as well as some remedies.

As a current teacher working in the FE sector, I feel passionately about the teaching and education of students who are willing to retake their GCSE Maths again. I mainly focus on Functional Skills Maths, a perceived step-up qualification, which gives students some grounding skills within Maths before they reattempt their GCSE Maths. This qualification is mainly for students who achieve less than a D grade within their first attempt at GCSE Maths, the goal is to give students confidence within their own mathematics skills before reattempting a GCSE again.

So what are the issues, the number one has to be the student groups. Student groups are a mix of abilities, levels and also attitudes towards Mathematics. You have to differentiate effectively in order to get the best out of each student within each classroom as well as identify students who struggle, students who don't want to do it and students who perceive themselves as failures for not achieving their Maths at school.

As this blog develops, I will be drawing on student groups, as well as best practice for delivery of FS Maths and GCSE Maths for these student groups. I believe students can be categorised based on their need and different provision should be given to each of them which I will cover in a future post. I also believe that certain methods work well with retaking students for their Maths and I will be sure to provide examples of my time within my teaching days to reflect on how to improve for the future.

Whether you are a fellow college lecturer struggling to deliver these qualifications, a manager looking for different ways to help support your colleagues or a workbased provider considering different options supporting your student in gaining their magical "C" grade in Maths (or a 4/5 next year). I hope you find something within this blog that will be of use to you.

Many thanks, and happy reading